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Once the research is done it is time to tell the story, be it in a website, a book, video, or other methods of presentation of your choosing. We are also available for public speaking to your organization, workplace gatherings, family reunions, or other favorite groups.

Whatever it is that is done for you, the final product envisions a thorough, written report that outlines exactly what was done, the sources used, and the results. However, we offer much, much more in order to suit your needs. We can facilitate publication of a book, preparation of a website or video production, posters — pretty much whatever you would like! We will provide you with the photographs and other documentation we obtain (subject to applicable copyright and other laws, of course!)


How We Do What We Do (For Those of You Who Don't Go Into Publishing)

“After you put together your case, you still have to put together your case ..."

1980s Advertising copy targeting law firms

The Initial Consultation

Attorneys from back in the day will remember the ads that ran in lawyer magazines and journals that ever so accurately illustrated the realities of a busy law practice. Usually huddled around a copy machine the harried staff rush mightily to duplicate, collate, staple and prepare the court filing right before deadline. While nowadays the harried staff are more likely to be huddled around their computers to electronically send out the same court papers, the concept is the same. We try to avoid all that, and so the Initial Consultation from the very beginning aims to have the end goal in mind.

The Initial Assessment

The same is true with the Initial Assessment. Our recommendations on how to proceed will always take into account what sources are available to present.

Then things Really Get Going

The third stage is where the fun really begins and where the rubber hits the road. Or the photo hits the page. Or the digital file. Or the website. Or the book. Or the, well, you get the picture. Literally …

Planning Your Past

Stories and Posts

Here are some stories and examples of what you might see as you uncover your past.

I Am Not a Crook, But I Am Your Cousin

While doing routine ancestry research one day on my own family tree, I discovered a rather significant and totally unexpected family connection on my mother’s side with the Quaker tradition. In doing so I also came across the surname Milhous, which I knew to be the middle name of the only Quaker American president, and began to put two and two together.

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Any Questions?

No, of course not, but we will make every effort to build as complete and accurate a family tree as possible within the confines of your budget and particular circumstances.

Absolutely! Our clients are integral members of the team, helping to guide which directions to pursue, confirming connections made, and the like. You get access to our communication network and everything!

That depends on a number of factors but the biggest is how accessible the documentary evidence is. Getting DNA results back generally takes 4-6 weeks.

That depends on what you want to accomplish within the constraints of your budget and is a primary component of both the Initial Consultation and the Initial Assessment. We’ll talk …