Adventure Captured


From its invention in 1814 by Joseph Niepce, the photographic image has captured the hearts and minds of individuals and families the world over. From Niepce’s camera obscura to Louis Daguerre’s daguerrotype to mass market Brownies, Polaroids, and today’s digital cameras and smart phones, the ability of the average person to take and preserve photographs faster, cheaper, and more accurately focused continues to expand, and in the process has made everyone’s life richer and more meaningful.

The problem, of course, is locating the billions of photographs out there, and then figuring out just who and what they depict! Here’s where we come in, and it is here where teamwork between you and our team becomes critical.

We assist in locating and restoring vintage photography. Enhancement using new augmented or virtual reality techniques is a specialty.

We also refer clients to a team of current photographers specializing in family photography services in your area.


How We Do What We Do (For Those of You Who Don't Go Into Photography)

“Why waste your money looking up your family tree? Just go into politics and your opponents will do it for you."

Mark Twain

The Initial Consultation

We do it in a three-step process. First, our Initial Consultation is a free, no obligation discussion with you to learn what your needs and goals are, and then determine the best way to move forward to get you there. We’ll learn what information you already have, what steps you’ve already taken, any “brick walls” you have run into, and, most importantly, what you want to accomplish. Gathering family photographs will be an essential step in maximizing your best value for the investment.

The Initial Assessment, Inventory, And Collection

From there we do an Initial Assessment and we almost always locate photographs you do not already have. We take what you have given us, as well as what we collect, and do some basic research. Here we may suggest, for example, focusing on certain family branches to pursue further, or maybe tracing your lineage back to a certain locale or time in place. We may have questions for you based on what you have supplied. Because every situation is unique, we work with you on an hourly basis. We provide you with an Initial Report and you can decide where to go from there.

Then things Really Get Going

The third stage is where the fun really begins! This is true genealogy, where we build out your family tree and transform the raw data into a meaningful report.

Here is where we perform digital enhancements and restoration as needed. We can apply new techniques to colorize and even create videos out of still photos.

If you’re ready for your free, no obligation Initial Consultation, let’s get started!

Planning Your Past

Stories and Posts

Here are some stories and examples of what you might see as you uncover your past.


Any Questions?

Chances are you have a lot of old family photographs or know other family members that do. Your job is to gather your family’s collection and identify the details — who’s in the photos, where it was taken, the date — all that kind of stuff.

Absolutely! Our clients are integral members of the team, helping to guide which directions to pursue, confirming connections made, and the like. You get access to our communication network and everything!

That depends on a number of factors but the biggest is how accessible the documentary evidence is. Getting DNA results back generally takes 4-6 weeks.

That depends on what you want to accomplish within the constraints of your budget and is a primary component of both the Initial Consultation and the Initial Assessment. We’ll talk …