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Without getting too mathematical here, it has to be understood that families grow exponentially. You may have had only two parents, but you also had four grandparents, eight great-grandparents, sixteen great-great grandparents — and so, as the graphic below demonstrates. Add them all up, factor in the branches each of those ancestors of yours were a part of, and it all adds up to a lot of people. And it also adds up to a lot of stories to uncover and tell! 

Moving beyond bare names and dates, we look at family history, architectural, and social history, e.g., birthplaces, residences, occupations and workplaces, migration patterns, and the like to provide you with a much fuller expression of what your family’s history encompassed. We not only report where your ancestors lived, for example, but offer insight as to what it was that brought them there (or kept them there) in the first place.

We paint both with a broad brush, setting in general terms what life was like for your ancestors where they lived. We also get as specific as the evidence takes us. We can often times provide information as to exact place of birth, occupations and actual employers, home addresses, cemeteries and where and how people died. Who’s buried in Grant’s Tomb, people have asked in the past? We can usually tell you who, and where, and why.

Based on your particular desires, we utilize multiple databases to extract the most accurate data, and then filter that raw data into something meaningful to you.

Here are some stories and examples of what you might see as you uncover your past. but if you are ready to proceed to how we do what we do, click here.

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Planning Your Past

Stories and Posts

Here are some stories and examples of what you might see as you uncover your past.

William and Frances

William and Frances Finding the Unexpected When You Least Expect it William Bousman was my great-great-great grandfather. Born in 1837 in Clark County, Illinois, William

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No, of course not, but we will make every effort to build as complete and accurate a family tree as possible within the confines of your budget and particular circumstances.

Absolutely! Our clients are integral members of the team, helping to guide which directions to pursue, confirming connections made, and the like. You get access to our communication network and everything!

That depends on a number of factors but the biggest is how accessible the documentary evidence is. Getting DNA results back generally takes 4-6 weeks.

That depends on what you want to accomplish within the constraints of your budget and is a primary component of both the Initial Consultation and the Initial Assessment. We’ll talk …