The Begatin’ Man

The movie Inherit the Wind is a fictionalized rendering of the Scopes Monkey trial held in Dayton, Tennessee in 1925. In real life, John Thomas Scopes was a Dayton teacher charged with the crime of teaching evolution in the public schools. The trial was deliberately staged in order to create publicity and in that regard […]

Just Who Was James Dudymott?

Just Who Was James Dudymott? Finding the Unexpected When You Least Expect it Most of my family tree branches go back several hundred years. The oldest person recorded so far is my 17th great-grandfather Roger de Carruthers, 1st Laird of Holmains, born in 1345 in Holmains, Dumfrieshire, Scotland. The Carruthers line extends all the way down […]

My Parents and Grandparents

Actually, none of the people in the photo were parents or grandparents of mine. If I were to print out my entire family tree it would take roughly 525 pages and  it would not be amenable to the almost daily changes that occur through editing, corrections, additions, deletions, and the like. Enter the good folks at WikiTree, some […]

Whenever Two or More Are Gathered …

It all started back in the early 1990s at University Christian Church in Berkeley, California. I was a new seminary student attending a dinner of some sort. Sitting next to me was Rev. C. William Nichols. Bill was the retired General Minister-President of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) — basically the Disciples’ pope — […]