Older Than Dirt

When my youngest daughter Katie was little, I was driving her to Grandma and Grandpa Baugh’s house and I mentioned that it was Grandpa’s birthday. She asked how old he was and I replied, “Oh,he’s older than dirt.” “No, he’s not!,” she rather forcefully explained. “Yeah, he’s older than dirt,” to which Katie even more […]

For the Last Time, Newsom is Not Pelosi’s Nephew

Sometimes, genealogy can be used not only to prove family relationships, but also to disprove it. If you follow California wing nuts you have no doubt heard that our governor Gavin Newsom is Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s nephew. Uh, no. He’s not. Here’s the scoop. Gavin Christopher Newsom was born in 1967 to William Alfred Newsom […]

Revenge of the Napkin Builders

It was six years ago to this very day that someone joined our little train group but didn’t last long. Keep in mind we’re a pretty chill group of mostly older men who still play with trains. Some of us are into train and structure building, some are into sophisticated replicas of real operating procedures, […]

We Didn’t Start the Fire …

Well, actually, I kinda did. As many of you know, I am into outdoor garden model railroading and model building. My layout is loosely (and it gets more loose as time goes on) based on my adopted hometown of Martinez, California around the turn of the 20th century. Not much progress has been made in […]